Get Charmed

The Program

GET CHARMED is a project of Walton Wellness Inc, a non-profit in Walton County, Georgia, dedicated to the prevention of lifestyle related illness on a community level.  To find out more about us visit us at

Walton Wellness is known for its unconventional approach to wellness and prevention.  GET CHARMED is the latest in a growing list of their unique projects.  It was born out of the desire to implement an all-inclusive, family-centered health program.  Walton Wellness believes wellness education is important in every setting of a child’s life; however, it is most effective in forming lifelong habits when modeled at home.  GET CHARMED gives the whole family the opportunity to learn and explore health topics together in a fun and rewarding way.

GET CHARMED is proven and effective in a group setting as well.  It fits easily into the classroom or any youth organization curriculum.  Our main goal is to create a value of health in every child’s life.

GET CHARMED accomplishes this by creating teachable moments for discussion and modeling healthy behavior.  It creates motivation and makes wellness and health education fun.


Get Charmed has 6 week lesson plans available for teachers and facilitators to be used in a group setting.  The lesson plans are designed to be used with the Get Charmed Passport and charms.  Check out our curriculum to see if this program is a good fit for your school.

The Get Charmed curriculum is meant to be used with the Get Charmed Passport in a group setting.  The curriculum is divided into two groups K-2 or non-readers and 3-5 or readers. The program is meant to be completed over a 6 week schedule with participants in a group setting.  Within each lesson plan you will find a list of supplies needed to complete each lesson.  Supplies can be substituted as needed.


Each participant gets a Health Adventure Passport that guides them through activities for earning charms.  The passport is set up to be used over a 6 week period (Get Charmed is flexible to fit your individual  time needs).  If followed over a course of 6 weeks, participants can earn up to 3 charms each week for completed activities for a total of 15 charms and 1 bonus charm.  

Get Nutritious

Each week one activity focuses on eating your colors from different food groups.  In a group setting this is usually done as a taste test.  The participant tries a food from each color listed in the passport, checks off the icon and journals it to complete the activity. When they complete the activity they earn the charm that matches that week’s food group

Lets Journal

Each week one activity focuses on getting active by going outside, riding your bike, going for a walk or just getting your heart pumping through cardio.  In a group setting this is usually done as a group activity.  However the participant is encouraged to be active at least 1 hour each day during the week.  They keep track of their daily activity in their passport and the amount of time they were active to complete the activity and earn a charm.  When they have completed the activity for the week they earn the charm that matches that week’s Get Active charm.

Get Hydrated

Each week the participant has to drink at least 1 full glass of water every day and keep track of it in their water log to complete the Get Hydrated actvity for the week and earn their water charm.