Walton Wellness Is Excited To Present

Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) are the current best practice
for identifying and addressing the health needs of a community. Using
secondary data, as well as community input, provides a unique snapshot of
the prominent health needs of an identified population.

This document is the summary and culmination of countless hours of analyzing health data across Walton County. It indicates what we see as the top 10 health needs of our county, along with the nuanced factors that affect these health issues and community resources for residents. In addition, we have posted our data appendix. This document is a deep dive into Walton County deaths, ER visits, and hospital admits by diagnosis, stratified by both gender and race. We feel strongly that making this data publicly available in this manner will be invaluable for anyone working within any niche of the healthcare landscape in the county. There is so much to be learned from this data in order to most effectively impact the health of Walton County’s residents. 

We hope that this project serves to drive strategic investing and insightful programming across all agencies in our county. Attached is a press release that we would love for you to utilize across any and all news and/or social media outlets. 

See our full data appendix HERE!